Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dragon Dance

So it's Chinese New Year here in about a week, and the school wanted some "decorations" for the podium space, though I prefer to term it artwork - the word decoration always brings to mind something trashy or temporal! :)

The dragon dance is performed every year at parades and celebrations around the city - it's this huge kite-like dragon held up high and waved through the air by dancers underneath. This is my conceptual version using - yet again - earth-friendly materials! I dug through the recycle bin to find cardboard boxes which I then painted over with various patterns. There are spray-painted stools underneath each box which obviously stand for the legs of the dancers (because dragons only have legs at the front and the back ... well, maybe ...?)

We organized a shoe donation to collect old shoes which will eventually go to charity, and I placed these underneath the stools to represent the dancers' feet. I'm a little concerned that it might have slightly destroyed the aesthetic I was going for, but it's all for a good cause right?

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