Monday, December 8, 2008

A Taste of France: French Christmas Fair at Lee Gardens 1

I recently worked with Sopexa, a French food and wine importer on their first "Food and Art Exhibition" at Lee Gardens 1 in Causeway Bay. Did a bunch of French-food-inspired illos! Mmmmm... croissants! baugettes! saucisson! fromage! Makes me want to go to Paris, NOW.

Hope you can all stop by and check it out! The exhibition runs from Dec. 1 - 31, with the opening reception for the French Christmas Fair next Saturday, December 13, 12:30-1:00PM. I'm sure they will have lots of French goodies for you to try. The French Christmas Fair will run also run throughout the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 13-14.

Oh, and will try to post the digital pieces soon, as the exhibition pics have a few window glares & such...


  1. Awesome pieces---love the family at the table. I want to try the food.

  2. I've seen this exhibition! Very interesting!

  3. I saw the exhibition! it was very unique
    I have a question, what medium was used?

  4. Dear Emily,
    I've lost contact with you! How exciting to receive a glimpse of your work from your mom. I am SO proud of you. What an incredible talent God has given you.
    Aunt Sherrie