Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lost Things - Now Extended!

My exhibition Lost Things @ Epoch in Wan Chai has been extended until September 24!  If you haven't had a chance to stop by and see the show yet, you've still got another four-ish weeks to do so.  
Here's a few pics of some new pieces - 
I'll try to get some more up soon - and of course, some shots from the opening night!

Epoch Coffee Bar & Desserterie, 
12-14 Wing Fung Street
Star Street Precinct
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

7AM-11PM Daily

L'Afrique, C'est Chic!

From this in i-D Magazine, July 09:

To this, my messy, fingerprinted sketch!

To a life-size hand-painted installation piece... woooooh, she looks so funky... !  
And I gave her some wild shoes for a final touch.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Thin Veneer

Messing about/a little experimentation/drawing with wood varnish?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean.

My colleagues (and fellow artists) Gabe Ostley & Haruka Ashida Ostley and I created an art installation to welcome the secondary school students back to school after the summer holiday.  Will try to get some more detailed shots of the rest of their work!   Everything is freestanding, attached to wooden ladders, and life-size, or larger than life!  I can imagine the shock on the students' faces as they arrived to school on Wednesday morning ... 

Wait, where am I...?

My thought process was as follows:

Step 1:  Get as messy as possible.
Step 2:  Use up old and rotting art supplies!
Step 3:  Ruin your manicure.  
Step 4:  Experiment!  

I call this a Fresh Start/A Departure/Something New.

It's funny that as an artist, you establish a style for yourself where you are most comfortable working, where pictures flow easily from your pencil or brush.  Sometimes it's nice to step away from that for a minute and see what else happens.  

SIU: The Art of Life

Outside the venue.

Art showcase.

A much-belated, but no less important post, a recap of the SIU Exhibition in Beijing, which I was invited to participate in this past July.  A group of Hong Kong movers/shakers/artists/creatives/and the like were invited to Beijing to showcase their work and take part in SIU The Art of Life Exhibition.  The eventful evening included an over-the-top fashion show, dance performances, live music performances, art exhibition, and a chance to connect with creatives from the Asian scene and beyond.  

Thanks to Hong Kong's Galleri Magazine for helping to hook things up and give Beijingers a little taste of our favorite city this side of the border!  Hope to see you all again soon!