Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean.

My colleagues (and fellow artists) Gabe Ostley & Haruka Ashida Ostley and I created an art installation to welcome the secondary school students back to school after the summer holiday.  Will try to get some more detailed shots of the rest of their work!   Everything is freestanding, attached to wooden ladders, and life-size, or larger than life!  I can imagine the shock on the students' faces as they arrived to school on Wednesday morning ... 

Wait, where am I...?

My thought process was as follows:

Step 1:  Get as messy as possible.
Step 2:  Use up old and rotting art supplies!
Step 3:  Ruin your manicure.  
Step 4:  Experiment!  

I call this a Fresh Start/A Departure/Something New.

It's funny that as an artist, you establish a style for yourself where you are most comfortable working, where pictures flow easily from your pencil or brush.  Sometimes it's nice to step away from that for a minute and see what else happens.  

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