Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't Wanna Grow Up...

A new mural we completed for the Secondary School. Okay, well maybe new isn't the operative word. We started this in 2008! It's been completed in bits and pieces of time stolen here and there...and 10 months later I'm the last in the group to finish... Time escapes, and this got put on the back burner - but here it is.

For me, this mural was all about high school...growing up, fitting in, finding your way ...

Though my partners in crime had some wicked ideas of their own:

Haruka Ashida Ostley's beautiful portraits of students!

See more here:

A little cameo by "The Hammer" courtesy of Gabe Ostley:

Check it:

Jamming to your favorite tunes, makin' art, hanging with your friends ... isn't that what high school is really all about?


  1. Beautiful mural! It is a wonderful combination of 3 of you!

  2. This is GREAT! I absolutely love it!