Friday, December 28, 2012

The hills are alive...

...with The Sound of Music!

One of the perks of my day job is to work on the set design for the annual school musical.  This is Yew Chung International School's 80th Anniversary year, so it's no surprise that the classic tale was a top choice for this year's performance.

It's always interesting to try to incorporate my skills as an illustrator and a painter into something 3-dimensional (let's just say, precise architectural drawings are not my forte), but I must admit, the more I practice, the easier all that technical stuff is.  And even with something quite rigid in structure like the old Austrian manor and monastery found in The Sound of Music, using color and pattern can help give things a bit of punch and add to my artistic vision.

Here's a little recap of the performance (featuring our super-talented Primary & Secondary school student actors!) and the finished set designs below.

Prep for painting.
The set in pieces on stage, with scaffolding in place for painting.
Painting in progress.
The finished sets!

The "Monastery".

"The Manor"

More from The Sound of Music set design after the break!
"Maria's Bedroom"
A closer view of "Maria's Bedroom"
The Sound of Music takes place in wartime Austria; here are flags made for one of the final scenes which depicts a Nazi-sponsored Music Contest.