Friday, March 7, 2014

Pop Up Spring Parkas - Illustrated for MAX&Co.

Although it's nearly mid-March (and we're typically sweltering by now here in Hong Kong), there's been a streak of chilly weather lately, which means it's still light jacket season!  (Yes, a cool temperature in this tropical city does require the use of an exclamation mark!)  Perfect timing then, for my latest series of fashion illustrations, featuring MAX&Co.'s Pop Up Parka for spring.  Each parka has a bit of flavor all its own - so I created a series of stylish illustrated ladies to show off the looks.  From the "Romantic" to the "Sentimental", which parka would you choose?

Here's a feature with the illustrations in the February issue of MilkX Magazine (and a little interview with me, if you happen to read Chinese).  Side note: MilkX is one of my favorite HK-based 'zines for its extensive use of cool and quirky art in each issue! Grab a copy at your local 7-11 if you're in town.

Pop Up Parkas are available at MAX&Co. shops now.








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  1. Love these illustrations Emily and the video too